It has been so long since my last post but I promise to keep up with this. I am back at school which means I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself but I have been exercising alot lately, as of a couple weeks ago I started doing insanity again and buying a lot of fruits and vegetables for my weekly groceries


I am still having problems getting and staying

I am still having problems getting and staying motivated, i just need to keep the bigger picture of me being healthier and fit in my mind and learn to stop eating!

Good morning blog! This morning I woke up

Good morning blog! This morning I woke up in a great mood, so ready to make this healthy journey a lifestyle change. So far I have started the day off with a very nutritious smoothie that consisted of a cup and a half of spinach, pieces of mango, some strawberries, a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a little bit of almond milk!

Day 1

Day 1

This is what my body looks like on the first day of this blog. This is the body I am unhappy with, the body I dread looking at and the body that consumes my happiness and makes me believe I … Continue reading

My First Blog

First Post

I’m not sure who’s going to read this or if this is just motivation I need for myself but here goes. Like most girls my age, I am nowhere near comfortable with my weight. In fact I absolutely hate it. I am constantly consumed with thoughts and concerns about my weight. I know I am not obese and everyone says I look good but then why aren’t I satisfied. The worst part about it is when I first came home from Boston for the summer I was completely motivated and willing to work out everyday but as the days have gone on I have lost my motivation to work out yet I am still dying to be skinny. It’s to the point where I have contemplated making myself throw up thats how badly I want the body of my dreams. Even though I would never ever do that I am just dying to be happy with who I am when I look in the mirror. I went on the scale about 20 minutes ago and the number in between my feet read 144.5. My dream weight would be anywhere between 125-130. Because for once in my life i want to be proud with how I look